How to Download Torrents Faster | Computer Tips and tricks

download content through a torrent client is one of the fastest and easiest to obtain audiovisual material we need ways, this is because it is a very easy procedure to perform, and very few, if not zero knowledge, soon we will be enjoying a wide range of audio, video and pictures of high quality and zero cost.

While we mentioned that to download at a good rate from a BitTorrent client were not necessary deep knowledge, admittedly a little on our part we must. But do not panic, as this article will find a few tips which are practically the only ones we know to use a torrent client and get the full benefit.

Download from a torrent client is really simple because all you we do unburden the file extension “.torrent” from any tracker and double click on it to do your job application. But that all will proceed smoothly and at a high discharge rate , we must consider some guidelines regarding the conditions and network settings, as well as the customer to choose torrents downloads. The importance of seeds and pairs (Seeds and Peers) Unlike P2P, downloading via Torrent is based on the use of file fragments obtained from many computers at once. At this point, called peers and seeds play a crucial role this. In the terminology of the Torrent, a pair or “Peer” is one of the computers involved in the loading or unloading of a given file. As for the seeds or “Seeders” is the name given to all users who already have it completely. Now, it is known as “Leechers” or leeches, for his translation into Castilian, all users who are downloading the file but do not have full. They also play an important role called Trackers , which is a server that contains all the information required for the interconnection of peers. But what should concern in practice users Torrent is the number of peers and seeds, as these values ??are what determine the speed of final discharge of the file, ie the greater the number of seeds or seeds and fewer leechs or leeches better. Change the default port As is well known, many ISPs limit the width of bandwidth allocated to those known to be standard on any application such as Ares, eMule, Torrent and others. ports around this block, we can do is change the default port value of the application taking it to any value above 10,000. According Torrent client we have, this option can be found in the Preferences section. The choice of Torrent Client Firstly, the choice of a good Torrent client will mean fewer problems and better stability. In the market there are dozens of applications of this type, many of them completely free but also pay, but at this point, pay for the software will not guarantee us a better speed and quality downloads. In this sense, the best choice is a free client like uTorrent or BitTorrent always updated and in its latest version. Limit the upload rate to obtain good experience in Torrent, it is important to share what you just downloaded as long as possible, ie to grant others the ability to download the same by giving something our bandwidth, but we must always keep this complicate our download speed. In this sense, it is best to limit the upload speed by 80%. What besides leaving sufficient bandwidth also allows us to easily download content. To do this, we must look at the preferences of our favorite BitTorrent client and search options to adjust the bandwidth of the climb. If we implement these simple tips, it is more than likely that the download speed of our client Torrent will be increased far beyond our expectations. We hope you enjoy it. If you liked this page, you can share …