How to dress for the interview


How to dress for the interview
Go well dressed for the interview work is fundamental. The picture says a lot about you, so when you present at the interview, consider the image of the company and dress up according to it.

Dressing well is not necessarily always be in costume. The trick is to be displayed as is, but trying to convey a professional and reliable image. Here’s a little advice on which no you should do.

As a rule, are best colors conservatives in some blue or gray tone. Wearing a black color can be too serious. If you use it, make sure you take another color near your face to soften the image.
It is preferable to use t-shirts. If the situation requires, wearing a tie.
Do not wear sandals, slippers or shoes on. It is too casual.
If you use suit, check that fits you well. Not too loose, not too tight. Try to bring suits
No fisherman should wear pants or pirates. Nor leg warmers.
If you are female, you do not paint your nails with garish and outlandish colors. Keep nails
neat and clean.
Avoid unnecessary burden you jewelry: do not use more than two rings per hand or an earring per ear.
If you choose to wear bare legs, wear tights, but hot. The means may be of neutral color, or a color to match your shoes.
Watch accessories. It is better to use discreet and stylish, which printed or too modernist bags.
Avoid leather jackets (jackets), are too sports.
Change the look of your way of dressing in a second interview, changing the color of your blouse, shirt or tie.
An interview is not the place to brag that are fashionable, even if you devote yourself to some degree related to art, can be a little more appropriate.
In any case, what you wear should highlight the fact that you are a professional, reliable and trusting person, ready to work at a new job. Let common sense guide you.