How to fat legs quickly

What exercise do to fatten legs
Those with poor muscle development in thighs and buttocks, may gain or legs quickly develop through basic exercises in which various muscle groups are stimulated simultaneously.

It is useful to fatten the legs faster , accompany strength training with a diet rich in protein , as are construction of muscle tissue. It is worth mentioning that the term ‘fat’, in this case, is a development of the thighs through increased muscle mass . In no case arises increase fat mass.

What exercise do to fatten up your legs?

Primarily, basic strength exercises , offering a training stimulus of several muscles at once, with the advantage of adding weight to the movement for . particular implementation technique basic exercises are: Squats and all its variants (can be seen in this link: (6 types of squat for perfect glutes ), Lunge , Lunges, Deadlifts ., the main can be supplemented with exercises fitness with devices that isolate the muscle as quadriceps extensions , leg press , etc. The training frequency was set to three times a week, always on alternate days are suggested series 4-7 8. 12 reps with a weight of 60-70% 1 RM . For each training session must perform at least two basic exercises and two complementary. Isometric exercises are another training system that quickly develops muscle mass of the legs. Work 4-6 sets of 10 seconds in duration, with two exercises per session is enough. Every four weeks is essential to increase the charges to continue stimulating the muscles properly, otherwise a new one does not produce increased muscle mass .