How to Get Multiple IT Position At 1 Resume

The job application process can be time-consuming. You know that you need to submit your resume over and over again. If there are 10 companies hiring, that means that you need to send out 10 different resumes. If you are like most people, you are also trying to apply for IT jobs that aren’t even vacant in the hopes that your resume is better than the person that they currently have in the position. This means that you may be sending out dozens of resumes. You have the ability to apply for multiple jobs one resume – and this can save you a significant amount of time.

Make Your Resume Look Good

When you apply for IT jobs, you want to make your resume look as good as possible. This means keeping it up to date with all of your recent training seminars, certifications, and job experience. Before you can even think about submitting a resume to accompany, you need to make sure that you have listed all of your skills and included the most recent in that you have been involved in.

You never want to show significant gaps in your resume. If you have been out of work, make sure you show something – seminars, freelance, consulting or something else to show you were active, just not employed with a specific firm.

Contact a Recruiter

In order to find IT jobs with the use of a single resume, you will need to contact a recruiter. There are IT recruiting companies that specialize in a variety of different IT jobs. This means that you will be able to hand over your well-polished resume and allow the recruiter to go to work for you. They will explore all of the different options available to you based upon the experience that you have as well as the positions that you are interested in holding.

Because IT recruiters also work hand in hand with the different companies, they know what companies look for. They will be able to review your resume and tell you where you need work. For example, if you do not have a certain Microsoft certification, your recruiter may suggest that you obtain the certification before trying to apply for certain positions.

When you follow the advice of your IT recruiter, you will have access to more IT jobs. Once you submit your resume to the recruiter, they will begin matching you to all of their open positions. If you are a good match with some of their open positions, they will then schedule you an interview with a company or two. This allows you to sit down with the actual company that is looking to hire so that you can discuss why you are the right person for the job.apply now

Explore the Job Opportunities

As you work with a recruiter, you will be able to explore all of the different job opportunities. Because they specialize in IT jobs, you may even find out about positions that you were unaware of as well as companies that you have never heard of.