How to increase muscle recovery

Tips to increase post exercise recovery
After performing a physical activity, especially if it is intense, muscle recovery and how to increase it become important and essential to enjoy all the benefits that exercise gives you.

If your recovery is not adequate, you can fall into a fatigue chronic , so your performance and exercise capacity will be affected, losing all that had been achieved with great effort. The first step and I think that needs no recommendation because you must do even in the midst of physical activity you perform, is to properly hydrate . Mineral water or alternatively tap water is the best option. Especially the mineral and trace elements provide nutrients . The fuel that is used to perform more physical activity is muscle glycogen and blood glucose. These nutrients are obtained from the degradation of carbohydrates . But it is important that the contribution coming from the chain complex carbohydrates include vitamins and minerals that are required in the chemical reactions necessary for successful recovery. If you made ??aerobic activity such as running, swimming, fitness classes, rowing, skating, skiing, climbing, pedaling, replenishing carbohydrates takes precedence. Conversely, if you perform activity predominance of force , training produces breakage of muscle fibers that must be repaired and rebuilt. The proteins, amino acids through enable repair of plastic substances and therefore contribute to increased tone muscle and the transverse volume, allowing increase weight or repetitions of the exercise in the next training session. Remember that optimum fitness is achieved with proper training load, sufficient rest through sleep and recovery, having regarding what you eat combined with rest and time between a workout and another time.

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