How to make a bodybuilding routine

Tips for designing a table to tone
Each exercise has a specific feature that will cause different adaptations in the body. For instance, bodybuilding routines, tone and increase overall strength, in that sense it is important to know how to make and design the activity with the right intensity.

To do strength exercises , it is imperative to oppose the move a load or resistance, usually the medium used is to place weights to activities done with pulley bars or machines; This allows the muscles to work harder than they normally would , and so when you rest and recover, grows and strengthens . It’s called the principle of overload . However, there is a difficulty to establish exactly what is the weight which should run strength exercises . The problem is that, you must know precisely in major exercises, what is the maximum force or 1RM (1 Repetition Maximum), ie, the maximum weight is achieved lift performing a single repetition. This evaluation is very dangerous if you do not have help and experience, since you’d be trying to move weights signify the limit of your individual capacity , and a small mistake could injure you. Therefore, there is a formula used to establish, with submaximal intensities, which is actually your maximum strength in the exercises you choose . This calculation allows working in a safe area, as it takes up the kilograms conducting a series of between 7-10 reps. Equation for maximum test with submaximal efforts (McArdle, Katch and Katch, 1996) 1RM (kg) = 1,554 (weight of 7-10 RM) – 5,181 For example , if in the exercise squat , do a set of 10 reps with 35 kilos, the maximum or 1RM strength in that exercise would be: 1RM (kg) = 1.554 (35) – 5,181 = 49,200 Kg That figure, 49,200 kg is the maximum weight you could lift in the squat exercise, performing one repetition. From there you can design more fantastic routine , for example, if you want to train at 60% of your maximum capacity in the squat, you do: 49,200 x 0.60 = 29,500 Kg Now you know that you can do 3-5 sets of 10 12 repetitions at 60% of your maximum (1RM), which is the minimum rate at which truly work force effectively. Knowing the percentages is possible to design more accurately the table and you make sure that training is not too light, so it is not effective, not too heavy, you could injure yourself and take to chronic fatigue.