How to make up small eyes

With the help of makeup and applying appropriate techniques, small eyes get larger How? Mindful of the advice.
Although we all like to have a harmonious face and provided the reality is that nobody is perfect. However, with the help of makeup and with some expert tricks we can achieve balance in our face.

This time, we will reveal how to make up small eyes to make the most of and get a 100% seductive look. This is important to ally with the most flattering shade colors and proper cosmetics for makeup small eyes.

1. Brighten the look : with the help of an illuminator, apply a touch of product tear in the lower part of the eye and under the brow.

2. Choose light shades : lighter colors bring light and openness. The earthy colors, pearly pink suit, light green, orange or pastel favor much smaller eyes. Remember that dark colors dwarf.

3. Council to apply shadow : playing with two colors. It covers the upper eyelid with a beige shadow clarita darker and apply it on the outside of the upper eyelid.

4. under control Eyeliner : outline the eye with eyeliner is a technique that dwarfs. One tip: make the line very attached to the lid and prevents thick line. Commitment lighter colors like gray pearl. Line the lower lid for a larger look.

5. Mascara : Choose a mask that lengthens lashes to give depth and enlarge the look. Avoid those very greasy.