How to negotiate a contract

How to negotiate a contract
Somehow the worker, whatever their hierarchical or professional status, must learn to negotiate: his contract, working conditions, salary, etc. In fact, the skills needed for this task are similar to those that are used in any trade negotiation.

A company, as a career is also an exciting adventure, “a transformation system in which managers seek to acquire an asset at a price that add costs and general amendment of the Company, to add industrial profit, and sell it to others “(Fernández Aguado, Directing people in the company , Pyramid, Madrid, 1999).

If we understand this claim in the employment context deduce that any changes or any new relationship needs a negotiation.

Negotiate supposed to provide the means to resolve a conflict in which the various parts can not share the same information, and certainly do not share the same intentions and almost never the same goals.

Achieve goals that are reasonably acceptable is precisely the ultimate goal of negotiation. To do this, each play their tricks and be willing to cede some way and to some extent.

Life in general and business in particular is a constant succession of situations where stress is the key player. Negotiate comes just as the means of resolving these tensions before they appear others, which in turn will also be subject to further negotiation. Some coordinates avoid many problems in the business world.

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The end of negotiations is not to crush the contrary. In absolute terms, the opposite should not even be considered as an opposite. Businesses are always two: provider-enterprise; client company; etc. Both have to take advantage, because otherwise a break that will be difficult to repair will occur.

The limits of negotiation marks only personal capacity. The limits to human creativity in the business world is virtually unlimited. New possibilities can always be developed, because the growth of man has no limits: there are always possibilities ahead, new doors to play, novel hiking trails …

The most significant to properly approach a negotiation elements are:

select the ground well. This includes preferably trading in own headquarters, because that way it can locate the necessary information at all times and have the counselors themselves in offices nearby thus providing a useful confidence.
analyze and evaluate the power itself. Especially own and others’ needs and ability to cover both sides. If this is clear it will be much more feasible to reach agreements of mutual interest.
differentiate the needs of the wishes and aspirations-aspirations: helps create reasonably achievable expectations without falling into utopia that would lose credibility. The goals must be ambitious, but not unrealistic. You can order something else but not too low risk of “breaking the rope”.
Interestingly, the other party who is making the starting bid for several reasons:

facilitates the understanding of its maneuverability
enlightens aspects of the personality of the negotiator who faced
provides an interesting reflection on the ways in which time can answer the caller
can be used to find that point of guilt on the other, both interest implies a good negotiation.