How To Pass Your Accountancy Exams

Accountancy Exams are tough, and average students mostly don’t pass in first attempt. Since, its difficult than any other test, you must have to follow some tips to be successful. These steps can take you to your desired point when it comes to pass ACCA exam-

1. Plan
2. Study
3. Practice
4. Prepare
5. Perform

With this process, you’ll be able to know how to move ahead steadily and achieve your goals.


Planning is vital for any exam preparation. Before you finally begin studying, it’s recommended to take some time to make the decision. You have to figure out how you will prepare for the exam. The first thing is that you must not wait for results of previous exam and start preparing for ACCA exam right away. By the time, your result is announced; you would have wasted several months of exam session. So, take the plunge and be quick.

During the planning, you will allocate sufficient time for studying, daily schedule, other tasks and family matters. You have to decide how to balance all these things. Your timetable should be realistic and flexible because rigidity can deter you from attaining your daily target.


You must have Objective Oriented Approach towards study. Set goals that are easily achievable every day. You can study a chapter or syllabus part in one day. Don’t focus on assigning number of hours everyday because it’s not effective. Instead focus on the syllabus and complete some area of your study material every day no matter how much time it takes.


Past paper practice on an extensive level is extremely important to pass your ACCA exam in flying colors. It will improve concepts, time management and also reduce your stress drastically in exam. Practice makes a man perfect, so do as much as you can.

Examiner reports are also helpful if you see them because they highlight on the common mistakes committed by the students.


It is as important as the study. This phase includes revision of your syllabus, visit to the examination center and taking enough sleep and healthy food before your exam day.

If you don’t revise the content, you are likely to forget what you have studied. When you already visit your center, it will save you time on the next day and you will reach there directly. Rest and diet are also important because disturbed health can have an adverse effect on your exam.

Panic control, anxiety management and stress reduction are essential before your exam because these can exhaust you causing poor performance and lack of concentration.exams passed


When you are sitting in exam center and holding question paper, read the whole paper carefully and then answer. It will allow you to produce relevant and concise content. Pay attention to main requirements of the question and then answer it accordingly. To write precise answer, understanding the question is very important. Once you have got it, try to answer to-the-point. Avoid stuffing unnecessary details into that to leave an impression and showing over-efficiency. Your answers must be well-structured and coherent. Don’t scatter concepts here and there. Don’t leave any question unanswered. Attempt all those question that are compulsory to answer.