How to Quit Your Day Job and Freelance

The economy is in the hole and our country is facing the possibility of a long lasting recession. And I know many of you are up to your ears in debt right now and just worrying about hanging on to your day job, no matter what. Even if at this point that means staying somewhere that you hate and taking a job you don’t like. I know it sucks, I’ve been there myself.

But I also know that at no point any anyone’s life should they feel it’s necessary hold onto something you hate. And even in this economy you can still take that jump and start your own business as a consultant, VA, or in any service related industry you choose. You just have to be smart a follow the steps listed below.

Start your Plan into Motion

In order to be successful, you must set goals and you must have a plan. Give yourself a drop dead date. Meaning decide what day you ultimately want to stop the rat race and work solely out of your home office. Be realistic, give yourself enough time to save money and get the wheels in motion. I say 4-6 months is sufficient to get things going.

Choose and Industry or Niche

Make a list of 10 things in your life you are passionate about and you could see yourself making money at. List out all the positives and negatives with each are. Do some research and find out if it’s possible to make money doing what you love and by all means, check out the competition. Your passion could be a hobby such as fishing, painting, or maybe even crafts. You could be good at cooking and maybe become a personal chef service that delivers meals. Maybe you are great at taking pictures, and you could strike up a deal with the local car dealer to get his cars listed on craigslist and eBay for a fee. Maybe you are great at customer service and want to start offering virtually based customer relations to local companies. Don’t limit yourself and don’t ever think an idea is too stupid to move forward on. As long as there are people willing to pay for your service, then you my friend can become a work from home business owner.

Start Saving That Change

I don’t care if its 3 pennies under the couch or $30 dollars you planned on spending on pizza. You need to get as thrifty as possible. If you can get some side jobs in your chosen niche, great! By all means always reinvest that money back into your business. Trust me, it will pay for itself. Even if you have to hire and outsource some of your side jobs, it’s okay. You can now charge a bit more, and take a cut of the profits. It’s not brain science and it’s not hard to do. Most people are just afraid of the unknown. Once you tackle one client, you will be an expert.

30 Minutes day

Set aside 30 minutes every single day for your business. Find a time that works for you and your family so it’s not interrupting your other activities. Take that 30 minutes and focus on a part of your business whether it be writing articles, finishing the book you have been writing, learning how to make a simple website, or making contacts in your industry. Thirty minutes can be extremely beneficial to you and your business as long as you use that time productively.

If you follow the steps listed above you will be well on your way to starting your own empire and working from home. Good luck!