How to save calories at holiday parties

What stews choose what drinks have fewer calories and how to enjoy without guilt.
Save your calories

Before going to a dinner or party, try to eat something light at home , such as a fruit or a stick, to avoid getting so hungry for celebration.

Choose healthier snacks: veggies with dip ., toast with some stew or natural popcorn Stay away from fried foods and bread with cheese spread.
Alcohol? Yes but not soda , not even diet. Best pair it with mineral water.
Prefers whiskey, wine and vodka, before the beer and rum , which are higher in calories.
Calls for drink you fancy, but also calls natural water. So just takes a drink, and the rest of the night you hydrate with natural water. If you do not like, try mineral water with a twist of lemon.
Ask for a small plate , especially when there buffet, lest you serve large portions.
Skip the pastas , in addition to being high in calories, will give greater hunger within minutes. Better choose a soup (not creamy) or an input.
Prefers stews roasts or grilled before breading or breaded.
Fill your bowl of salad . No one will notice you’re watching your diet.
But forget the creamy dressings and vinaigrettes or better prefer olive oil.
Prefers before the American coffee frappe . If you do not like the American, ask for it cold, but without the added sugar or whipped cream .
Try not to get to sit at the outset. Walk and stay standing as much as possible.
Take the opportunity to dance to your favorite songs and burn more calories.
Choose only one dessert . Here there is no way to avoid you the calories, and also about enjoying. Just watch your portions.
Exercise. If you “behaved badly” at dinner, do not blame yourself too much, better skip doing cardie the next day to compensate.