How to say “no” to a customer


How to say “no” to a customer

Tell a customer “no”, is always a difficult task for any company, because they are accustomed to being told yes to anything to close a deal. But if in the end they can not fulfill all the promises a bad relationship between the two parties is created.

And to prevent that from happening you must be willing to say “no” to your potential customers. Worse try to please everybody you say no to their whims. To do this in a proper way, AJ Agrawal, CEO and cofounder of Alumnify, recommends three tips how to give the news to a potential client.

1. Do not try to solve everything

Try to solve each of the problems of your customers is a recipe for disaster. This is one reason why many small businesses fail because they try to cover a large market for which they are unprepared. Instead, dominates a small market.

If your customers insist you get away from what you do, be frank and tell them you can not. Concentrate on doing well what you do for a living.

2. Be Direct

Many sellers try to delay a response or dodge the question in order not say no. That only creates miscommunication.

When you can not accommodate a request, say directly that no and explain why. For this you have to be clear what is your margin, you do not know, again, you will cause confusion with customers.

3. Understand that not all customers are good partners

Customers are like partners, as the two work together to make a profit. And, therefore, both have to be aligned in their mission. Bad relationships with buyers happen when they have similar goals. Because of this, you need to make sure your perspective and your clients are aligned before doing business with them.

A great company is built not get all the clients you can, but by associating with a select group of them to make a fair exchange that benefits both.

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