How to send and receive large files over the Internet

While sending files such as pictures, presentations and documents has always been a very simple
task to perform via email, the fact is that over the years, these documents tend to be bigger
and bigger, which becomes a problem when sent or received by this means. For example, Gmail,
the undisputed leader of webmail services, permits only send attachments up to 25 MB, which is
quite short with some types of documents especially relating to images. This means that as of
this size, we look for a hosting service where these large files. That is why in this article
we will find a list of the best websites to send and receive all types of file s of any size.
Basically, all the services that we will name in this article work in the same way: We went up
the file system and get a download link, which will send to our contact for you to download on
your computer. We also have to keep in mind that these services offer some ability in free
form, then surpassed, we have to think about buying some sort of membership. But at this point
we should not worry because many of them allows us to use up to 50 Gb. or more of free space.


classic A classic online storage. Rapidshare offers two types of payment service, and quite
expensive: The first one allows us to store up to 300 GB of files, while the second plan offers
the ability to store up to 700 GB. It is obvious that this service is more oriented to the
company that the common user more limited in their needs. In addition to the known stability
and reliability of its services, why Rapidshare is widely recognized, offers several modes of
storage management, both from the desktop and from applications phones. If you wish, you can
learn more of the service by clicking on this link.


Another excellent system to send large files over the Internet. In this case, Filedropper
stands out for its ease of use, and we just have to upload our file and get the corresponding
link, which will send our contacts. By FilDropper be in a position to send files up to 5 GB,
but we can increase this by subscribing to the paid service offered by the company. Another
advantage of the system is that it is not necessary to register to use it. If you wish, you can
try Filedropper clicking on this link.


The main feature of Filemail is the ability to send files up to 30 GB, a really big number,
however, they expire and are removed from service after a period of 7 days from its rise. In
this sense, it could also be taken as a As interesting security. In the event that the service
seems useful to us, and we want to expand capacity, we can make acquiring a paid account.
Another great advantage of Filemail we can use the service without first checking in. If you
wish, you can try Filemail clicking on this link.


Interesting tool oriented to the needs of basic users, as the service offered by the company is
considering sending up to 6 files with up to 50 Mb.

An optimal solution for speed and ease of use. In case we need expand capacity, we can always
choose to get a paid account.
If you wish, you can try Send6 clicking on this link.


Similarly to Filemail, the service offered by SendSpace also expire, that is, files that go up
to the same will be removed, the only difference will be deleted after the expiration of 30

Another difference is that the service allows us to send files up to 300 megs, it is clear that
we can always increase this capacity by acquiring a paid account, which pemitirá we keep files
indefinitely and raise the file size up to 10Gb. Inclusive.

Note that in this case, either you need to log in or register on the system to start using it.
If you want you can try SendSpace clicking on this link.


Another veteran storage service with excellent reliability and stability. In this case,
Mediafire not very different from the other services, as it allows us to store up to 10 GB.
file for free. In case we need more capacity, we can buy an account, which will enable us to
store up to a whopping 100 Tb.

Basically the difference between Mediafire and other lesser known services is remaining on the
market. If you want you can Mediafire try clicking on this link.


Reborn from the ashes of Megaupload , one storage system operated online and then closed by US
FBI agents, Mega is a service that allows the use of 50 Gb. of totally free space.

It also has the ability to upload file and get the link to it to submit to our contacts, making
it an ideal solution for companies and individuals. Besides the experience and structure
inherited from Megaupload are more than enough to fully trust his ability and stability
reasons. Notably Mega provides tools to manage storage directly from your desktop or from your
Android version. If you wish, you can try Mega clicking on this link.


Another great storage service with extensive experience in the market. By 4Shared be in a
position to store up to 15 GB. file in completely free. Like many great services of this kind,
has tools for managing files for mobile platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian. In
case you need more space, we can make use of the option to purchase a premium version, by which
we get 100 Gb. of space, in addition to removing any limitations with the times Download or
advertising. If you wish, you can try 4Shared by clicking on this link.

Google Drive

If you use Gmail, there is no doubt that the ideal way to store and send large files through
email add is Drive, the online storage service from Google. If you have an account with Google,
to attach a link to the files downloading our contacts will not require another step, and that
full integration between different tools search engine giant allows this action to be simple
and transparent. Google Drive offers in its basic, free version, 15 Gb. of storage space
sufficient for any particular user. However, if we need to extend this range, we can acquire
some of the packages for businesses and PowerUsers, it may even up to 1 Tb. capacity. Note that
Google Drive can be used both on the desktop and on mobile applications designed for iPhone,
iPad and Android. If you wish, you can try Google Drive by clicking on the link below. If this
page will like it, please share. ..