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how to succeed in a new company


How to succeed in a new company

There are many factors to consider to succeed in a new company . Sometimes when you start a new job overlooks many of these “rules” becoming integrated slower than it could if to consider certain aspects. When you are within a company and amounts sometimes it may seem that you know the company and do not need to do anything, but that’s not entirely true. In both cases the role we play is important and to succeed we must consider certain aspects that will help us grow faster.

1. Recognizes and respects.

To your predecessor job, bosses, colleagues, employees, the company, its history, etc.

The worst thing you can do is not tell who is who in the company , from the beginning to be clear about who your immediate superior, your colleagues, etc. if you’re not sure, ask!

Respect is the second fundamental part , many people first thing they do upon reaching a company is “criticize” or “complain about bad work done so far. Not only you can not judge because you have not been there when he was another, but can be “allies” or persons “related” or had a “attachment” for which he left, so you can create you “enemies”. Accept what you are, integrate it and include it like yours to advance.

2. Put the service of the company and its objectives.

There is nothing worse than forgetting the objective that the company, if we fix our gaze on achieving the objective of the department in which we are not value the rest of the company does not always give the best of ourselves. They usually arise many frictions between departments by these purposes : marketing, sales, production, financial …

It is best to seek the common point of all departments to make the company forward.

3. Not all are equal.

Sounds bad right? Well, it is reality, not everyone has the same functions and the same weight in the company. It has nothing to do with being valuable as people, just something that is real and keep in mind to relate to them . If you have subordinates, you should know “sort” according to their skills, abilities, etc. to assign tasks according to their strengths and motivation.

Therefore you should never complain to a manager who is not directly yours or have problems bosses to their employees. Nor should you give orders to someone who is not your partner or skip to middle managers that are in the organization, either up or down the chart of this.

4. Position yourself next to your boss.

For the company operates at peak should I side with my boss. If my boss has a goal, that should be my goal, or at least help in what I can match me with regard to this objective. If everyone did that the company grow much faster than it does, if it grows.

We must have service attitude, thinking that order in what is best for: the organization, the company, people and yourself.

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