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How to use social networks to find a job?

How to use social networks to find a job?
All the means to get work can be useful. Indeed, according to their professional profile you may use several of them. However, it is possible that some may be more appropriate to address your individual expectations and offers better chances of success.

Here are some alternatives: – Internet portals. – Networks of contacts. – Hunting Enterprises talents or head hunters. – Offices of university graduates. – Companies of temporary services. – Newspaper. However, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others, have become an interesting way to create contacts, groups and strategic publications in order to find or change jobs. Juan Merodio, a leader in Spain and Latin America in digital marketing and social media, you offer ten key recommendations when seeking employment using this tool: ( See the full interview with Juan Merodio )

1. Define objectives: target search and target profile towards what he likes.

2. Create a cultural identity “as companies care about their customers what they say, one should be interested in


what appears and comment from you on search engines and social networks.”

3. Beware of shared content: this time is natural to social networks but perhaps more for personal reasons than for labor issues. The important thing is to be cautious with the image; a photo while intoxicated or religious and political commentary can be provided for opinions against.

4. Using Skype: is a useful first to interview the candidate, especially if it is a job in another city route. The specialist advises giving importance to the name used in the bill, because it says a lot about a person.

We also recommend the following:

5. Blogs, another alternative: non-brag, this tool improves the applicant’s professional profile and approach the guild of interest. “If you talk about what you know nobody else will and hard marcar├ís difference between such competition.”

6. Making a video curriculum: they say everything comes through the eyes, so make a short, direct recording to reflect the attitudes and aptitudes highlights undoubtedly be of great help.

7. Stay informed: navigate in the preferred networks to be aware of what is happening in the sector of interest. It also seeks to share news and offers specialized pages

8. Build a network of contacts: maintaining relationships always be positive. Here are advised to qualify and seek recommendations from colleagues or former heads of work; this gives credibility to a future employer.

9. Update profile: add courses, diplomas and awards received. On the other hand, use a picture of understated profile that reflects current age.

10. Measuring results: the best test to see if you are going in the right or wrong path in search of employment. Create a chart in Excel with indicators like job interviews obtained by a certain time, following in networks views on the blog or Youtube account, among others.

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