How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter
The use of this document is increasingly common among people who choose to post job . In some cases the company requesting submission, but in many others, are the persons concerned who decide to use it to supplement your curriculum vitae

It has two main functions: strengthening the cv , highlighting some of the main aspects that are included in it and that you consider worthy of the job ; and arouse the interest of the receiver to get the interview you want.
How convenient is to know the recipient of this document, as well as leading the letter to its name, it is advisable to include some information that this person feel identified, which will help you differentiate yourself , get their attention and arouse their interest .

Its extension should be short (never more than one page) and the structure clear , distributing information in four distinct paragraphs:

1. Wave :

must be formal and personalized.

2. Introduction :

Presents the purpose of this letter and specify the position you want to apply, showing that know their roles and characteristics of the person looking in depth.

3. Body :

Body is the part where you must sell well, explaining clearly why you are a good candidate for the job and the company.

4. Thanks and farewell :

refers to your desire is to get an interview. For this, as creative as possible, because your goal is to make a difference and create interest in the receiver.

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