Hyundai Job Opportunities – Jobs

Hyundai Job Opportunities – Jobs

Hyundai is a Korean company, but over half of the cars we sell in the U.S. are made in the U.S. We have a technologically intricate manufacturing facility in Montgomery, Alabama, engineering facilities in Michigan, and design, research, and testing centers in California. This provides around 5,000 jobs for American automotive workers. The logo of our company may look like the first letter of Hyundai, but it actually symbolizes two people, the company and the customer, shaking hands. Whether you’re professional in Administrative, Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology / Services, Marketing and Trading and any other areas, there is a career opportunities for you at Hyundai.

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Hyundai Benefits Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

Hyundai provides employees with a competitive benefits package that is designed to provide a balance of work / life too. The advantages of the base may vary by location and eligibility, but most include options for health coverage, paid time off for vacation, holidays, sick time and various advantages and many more of the license. There are additional benefits available at the corporate office that include casual days, the center on-site day care, cafeteria and fitness center to name a few.