Internet is slow: What to do? | Computer Tips and Tricks

Today, are increasingly the tasks performed on the computer that are linked inextricably with the Internet, online storage, email, editing documents in the cloud and to even games require us to be connected to the Net, becoming essential that it be smooth and good download and upload rate.

This is the relationship we have today with the Internet that would be almost impossible to think of survival for a business or company if the connection went dead for a few hours. It’s not necessary to be in charge of a company or work online so the prospect of a prolonged cut Internet puts us the willies, because a computer without Internet even for ordinary user currently no longer a blender a little more “Smart”. Without getting to a stage where there is no Internet, you may also have problems with the speed of the connection, the it can also be very problematic if we are users who usually send or receive large documents or files. That is why in this article find some tips in the event that this slow connection to the essential network of networks. Using managers downloads and uploads Another good idea is to use the so-called download managers, useful tools to manage everything concerning file downloads do. In this sense, the best apps of this type are FlashGet and Free Download Manager. If you have any problems with uploading videos or transmitting via streaming, it is best to use application specially designed to do this as SpeedBit Video Accelerator or Bywifi Video Streaming Downloader . Speed ??Test Check the speed of our connection through tools such as Ookla Speedtest, allowing us to understand both the upload speed down as to compare it with the speed that our ISP is giving us. Distances between router and devices in the When using a Wi-Fi, there always must avoid too much distance between the router and the devices, because if we add all the walls the signal must traverse to reach them is natural that the quality of the is degraded. If possible, the best option is to use a wired connection, which will prevent us any transmission problem. Software to clean the Internet to improve the Internet, nothing beats Ashampoo Internet Accelerator, an application that is able to modify Internet settings of our PC to accelerate and unblock any problems related to navigation . If you notice that your Internet connection is slow, only valid option is to use an application like CCleaner , which is responsible for removing clean your browser cookies , history, temporary files and other stored data usually are to blame for that navigation is slower than it should. Network devices updated Another point to consider is to have the devices in the current network, ie firmware of the same is in its final version , especially the network card, modem and router. If we keep perfectly updated they will directly influence good performance of the connection. Do not abuse the browser Another consideration to keep in mind to prevent the connection to charge too much is not open too many browser tabs, as each tab we open it a constant drain of input and output.