Interview is your chance to shine – Answering questions

chance to shine
chance to shine

Interview is your chance to shine – Answering questions

Your resume and cover letter that the company will want to know and discover if it is the right candidate for the position offered, if there really is a person who will go beyond what the job requires. The cover letter and resume will have opened the door to a first approach, a first interview.

Answering questions is the goal of every job interview. No matter what questions you do, all stem from the desire of employers to know more about you as a person and professional. Remember to prepare for the questionnaire that awaits you, your answers must not only be clear, but convincing.

In the rest of this “Interviews” section, we have focused on preparing various documents which aims to help you learn what you need to turn the interview into a job, covering the following points:

  • Preparing for the interview.
  • Information to research company.
  • How to introduce ourselves.
  • Have ready so we must bring to the interview.
  • Why not bring to the interview.
  • Put yourself in the interviewer.
  • Practicing the interview.
  • During the interview … what to say and what not to say!
  • When asking questions during the interview.
  • What to do after the interview.
  • How to excel in a second interview.
  • When we offer jobs to do and say.
  • Reviewing the job.