IRELAND Latest Jobs in Ireland

IRELAND Latest Jobs in Ireland

The world of work is filled with obstacles that become even more apparent when you are searching for a job. Although the British economy may be faltering, or experiencing a downturn, there are always reports, that some sectors of the economy may be showing signs of growth, while others, may in fact, be losing jobs. 

Although unemployment in Britain is relatively high when it is compared to some other industrial nations, it is still a lot lower than many other countries in the region. In fact, unemployment is lower in the UK than 16 other European countries. At approximately 8%, it is much lower than countries such as Greece and Spain, where it exceeds 25%.

Finding a job, can be a difficult process, and it can even be more difficult in tougher economic climates. Some professional help may be necessary to help British job seekers get a better understanding of the UK job market.

In some areas, unemployment is actually decreasing while jobs are being created, and it all depends on the area and the industry in which you are searching.

Understanding the market becomes much more important, as you realize that despite the grim outlook, there are still vacancies and companies are still adding jobs.

There also appears to be wide disparities in employment across the UK. In the North West and North East, unemployment is falling, while it appears to be increasing in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Some surveys show that there may be more vacancies in the Northern region of the country.

Unemployment appears to have increased in London,which implies that the temporary workers and volunteers, who worked during the Olympics, were back on the job market.

Meanwhile, those who are working are not seeing an increase in wages, although the labor market remains strong, but the economy still remains stagnant. Reports may appear to be conflicting, but there is assistance available to help job seekers get a clearer picture.

There are perhaps thousands of companies in the UK that are involved in the business of matching businesses to job seekers. If they are, used properly, they can be a great help to those who may be looking for jobs. They will normally be contracted by employers to find candidates to fill job openings.


The UK companies that contact the workers, will normally be the ones that will make the final decisions on who gets hired, but they rely on the judgement of the recruiters, who screen the candidates to find the ones that are most suitable.

The recruiters will have an in depth knowledge, and contacts with a strong network of activities in the UK job market. They may be able to tell you which areas are seeing more growth. They will also have access to profiles of companies in specific industries, and can tell you,which companies are hiring, and which are laying off. They can also give you an indication of where the wages and salaries may be heading.

Many of the services and resources, may be available to job seekers at no cost, but it is up to the job hunter to know how to use theses resources carefully and properly.

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