Is Driving Traffic With Social Media Driving You Mad?

Have you ever started driving traffic to your website or squeeze page and you just can’t stay focused and always seem to end up being distracted by other things going on?

You are using social media to get visibility to your business but you can’t stay focused on what you want to do?

In this article I am going to discuss the problems with social media and why it can drive you mad!

Driving traffic or driving you mad!

For me it is a huge distraction. This is a typical scenario:


  • I see a post and it is someone I know so I have to have a look and read it.
  • I see that one of my friends is online and I just have to say hi.
  • Someone sees I am online and they just have to say hi to me!
  • I see a great photo someone has uploaded and I just have to look at it.
  • Someone shares a joke and I just have to read it and have a laugh.


Do you get the picture? Does it sound familiar?

I guess that is why it is called ‘social’ – its sociable.

But if you want to use it to generate traffic to your business then you are in big trouble! Social media is killing some businesses – killing time.

If you are not focused and do not have the self discipline needed to remain on task then social media as a traffic source is a big no no for you.

Forget what you hear about it being the best traffic source out there. You probably hear that from people selling social media traffic products anyway!

The truth is that it is killing your time and ultimately killing your business if you continue to use it and get distracted.

Not only that, I received an email a few days ago where someone told me that they had lost their entire business because one social media company had banned their account.socal media traffic

If you are using social media for building relationships and communicating with prospects then make sure you also have a way to communicate with these people that you have control of – such as building an email list at the same time.

If you find that you spend more time reading other peoples updates rather than providing your own updates and adding value to others then social media is not the right traffic source for you.

By Kay Franklin