Is Twitter a threat to Google?

Until today Google has had and has a de facto monopoly in the field of Internet search.

A monopoly that allows you to get users to land again and again on page your browser. But what could have been born a competitor to switch to the habit we have to go to Google when we want to find something on the internet?

Mark Cuban, investor and entrepreneur, left an interesting reflection on the CBT. To Cuban business Google searches would be seriously threatened by Twitter.

“Google is a good tool for finding things that have happened long ago, but it’s not such a good tool to look what is happening now. For me right now Twitter is a better search engine than Google. ”

The truth is that I personally had not fallen, but without realizing it, if it is true in some measure what Mark Cuban says. I’m increasingly using Twitter to find what has happened or is known about a given topic and this goes directly to the detriment of time spent on the page of Google search says GurusBlog portal.

It is increasingly more analysts are starting to suggest that Google should use part of the $ 62 billion that has boxed to take over Twitter that currently worth about $ 24 billion. Not only close the door to a competitor, but finally get their hands achieve a robust social network, which has spent years searching without much success.