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JGC Corporation Gasoline Co Needs Staff

JGC Corporation Gasoline Co Needs Staff

JGC Corporation, formerly Japan Gasoline Co. is a global engineering company headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. more then 10,000 employees are working in JGC Corporation Gasoline co. the JGC Corporation business includes Energy and Chemical, Oil and Gas Production, Petroleum Refining, LNG, GTL, Petrochemicals and Gas Chemicals, Clean Energy and Power, Generation, Nuclear Energy. the first principle at JGC is to have an accurate grasp of customer needs and the company’s unique intellectual capital to bear on these needs, thereby contributing to prosperity by giving customer satisfaction.
Whether you’re professional in Administrative, Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Line Senior Network, Human Resources, Information Technology / Services, Marketing and Trading and any other areas, there is a career opportunities for you at JGC Corporation. JGC Corporation Gasoline is looking for highly qualified and experienced experts who like challenges and opportunities.

JGC Corporation Gasoline Co. Benefits

JGC Corporation Gasoline Co. remuneration consists of base pay and performance awards. Additional financial benefits include stock option plan, a distribution of benefits, pension and 401 (k) plan. Health, dental and vision care reimbursement accounts, family leave and medical disability are also provided. A variety of other benefits which include a resource center, child care, tuition reimbursement and paid time, to name a few, offers a balance of work / life.

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