Job Interview – Don’ts

Job Interview – Don’ts
They are so small things that you might not get fixated but the person across the table at a job interview it the note … and may be causing you not to call in order to confirm the work .
You celebrate prematurely

The job interview went so well that you could not hold on and you told everyone … error. You
have to be very clear that they will find much information as possible about you and the
Internet is the fastest and easiest tool. So do not post to your Facebook profile or Tuenti how
well it was your job interview or fixed catch you, give you the feeling that you are somewhat
discreet, and have it well conditioned so no nasty surprises are not carried. Do not give the
big news until you have a secure job.

You spent with perfume

Getting liter of cologne shows, according to experts, negative aspects of a person. In the
workplace everything must be done in moderation. Passed with perfume, either in the job
interview or the day, take people back and shows little regard for others.

You did very colleague

The person who did the job interview was fun, close and share your tastes and hobbies.
Therefore, you stop treating it as a potential boss to treat it more like a friend … again,
error. Companies want to find out if know how to handle in any professional situation and make
sure you know what your role in the company. Therefore, in these situations ideally not enter
the cloth and follow your line showing him the respect he deserves.

we also recommend the following:

You spoke ill of your boss

Although your former boss was the worst person in the world, Resist tell the person that is
doing the job interview when asked why you want to change your job and focus on explaining why
you are the perfect person for the job. So you demonstrate your maturity and you’re not one to
speak ill of your boss to your espeladas.

You spoke too

In a job interview time is short and you want to sell the best you can. However, if you do not
stop talking alarm lights will ignite. Many people talk and talk without answering what the
interviewer is asking. You’ll look like a person who does not listen and too stuck herself.
Often the key is to listen carefully to capture tracks what you are looking for, not sold much.

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