Job Interview: Forget these 10 myths about the test


Job Interview: Forget these 10 myths about the test

The web careertracing interviewed David Couper a career coach and author of Outsiders on the Inside: How to Create a Winning Career … Even When You Do not Fit In. The specialist we mentioned the 10 myths of job interview those who should forget to come well prepared , yes, but not a bundle of nerves.

1. “The interviewer is well prepared”.

The average indicates that it is highly likely that the person interviewing you already burdened with so many meetings with applicants, plus it surely has the workload of having to hire someone. It is very likely not had the time to review your resume or thinking about your qualities.

2. “The interviewer will ask good questions.”

Beyond “Tell me about yourself”, recruiters do not usually prepare a questionnaire and says Couper, usually improvise.

3. “The interviewer wants to accept a drink”.

The interviewer feels an obligation to be polite to the point of offering you a drink, but the truth is that they are unwilling to rise from his seat and get you a cup of tea.

4. “You’ll want additional reference material.”

Unless your job is the designer or writer, the recruiter does not interest you bring reference materials.

5. “There are no right answers.”

By becoming a difficult question, the interviewer is more interested in how you handle yourself under pressure you answer itself.

6. “You must be brief to respond.”

For the recruiter you better not make him think of more questions. The expert told Forbes that “if you give the information you need, make him happy.”

7. “hiring managers value the knowledge about physical attractiveness.”

According to the expert, an unattractive job seeker should … “be patient”.

8. “They want you to show ambition when asked about you in a few years”.

* What really want to hear is about your desire to remain in the same job indefinitely and cheerfully.

9. “If you are called for an interview is because the square is available.”

Often the HR people usually select someone within the company or colleague for the position, but is equally obliged to conduct interviews between those knows that will not stay.

10. “The more capable gets the job.”

Couper says he hired less qualified applicants friendlier but above most talented people that might be difficult to treat.