Job Interview – Tips to master nonverbal language

Job Interview – Tips to master nonverbal language
Do you know that in a job interview is taken into account not only what you say but how you say it? And our words must be accompanied by appropriate gestures and movements? That even our clothes say a lot about us? Learn to master your non-verbal language and sign up somewhat. Maybe in a few days you will be the new girl in the office.

Here are the 10 basic rules to dominate the non-verbal language . What are you waiting to take note?

1. Always look in the eyes

Dodging the look means insincerity, insecurity and lack of self confidence. The idea is not to drill the other’s gaze but look at him. If you’re not comfortable, smiling. It never fails.

2. Do not close your fists

The palms open and relaxed denote sincerity and empathy. Closed, tension and nervousness.

3. Shake hand firmly

We refer to if the interviewer shakes your hand. If you let the soft hand, the interviewer will think you have not the energy or personality sufficient for the job. Shakes hands with determination (denotes confidence and push), nor is plan that will break your bones.

4. Gesture in a natural way

To do or be forced gestures like a stick, imagine that the interviewer is someone you know and so your gestures will be more natural. Gesturing excess is distressing and otherwise unnatural.

5. Hair

Do not touch the hair continuously, it will seem that you’re anxious.

master nonverbal language
master nonverbal language

6. Shoulder rights and high head

A large upright posture conveys confidence and trust.

7. Do not cross your legs

Many psychologists relate the gesture of crossing your legs with insecure people who have a hard time making decisions. Sit with your legs parallel, slightly separated.

8. How to get to the interview

No slouch (lack of self confidence) and not rub the hands (forward) when you enter the room in which you are going to interview.

9. Walk at a steady pace and standard

If you walk too fast can look nervous and impatient. If you take too long, you look like lazy or you work slowly.

10. What should I wear?

“The most important thing when dressing is trying to look like a blank canvas on which the company can paint your own corporate identity and personality. I recommend using neutral colors and simple lines, “says the expert.

And finally, a good idea is to rehearse in front of the mirror and teach “acting” to a friend or family member to tell failures and improve your nonverbal language. And one more thing, do not obsess. Trying to control 100% your own gestures can subtract ease and tranquility, two of the attributes that interviewers value most.