Job Search Training – 3 Secrets to Finding the Best Job

Below you will find 3 secrets that should become the basis of your job search. If you apply them to your effort, you will produce the same result achieved by thousands of others who have used them. A 300% increase in responses will triple the effectiveness of your job search and that will triple your chances of getting a great job in a short amount of time.

The key to understanding how great jobs are really found is discovering how most job opportunities are created.

Each of us has our own unique talents, abilities, skills and knowledge. The best job for one person may not be a good job for someone else. Someone who really loves sales may not enjoy accounting. A person whose natural desires led them into real estate management may not be happy becoming a television personality. If you can find them, jobs exist in every field that allow you to attain the level and income that you desire. Learning what you must do to find them is revealed below.

The best job exists when you find an opportunity that utilizes your talents, abilities, skills and knowledge to solve problems for your employer and that will provide a path for growth as your experience increases.

Secret #1 – A hidden job market exists. Studies by a highly regarded university business school and by the U. S. Department of Labor show that 60% to 70% of jobs that are filled are not found through traditional means. These jobs are not found by responding to advertisements, through company personnel departments, independent recruiters, “headhunters”, or agencies! These jobs make up what is referred to as the hidden job market. Even more important, these “hidden jobs” are the best jobs!

Secret #2 – Every business has problems. In good economic times, businesses have problems keeping up with demand, managing growth, and maintaining quality. During bad economic times businesses have problems controlling expenses while attempted to increase sales and efficiency.

Secret #3 – Great jobs are created when a business decision maker becomes aware of a person who has the talents, abilities, skills and/or knowledge to solve a particular problem.

The hidden job market is not some sinister plot to keep jobs secret. It simply is a result of the way most jobs – especially great jobs – are created. The methods revealed in Job Finding Formula consistently beat traditional job search techniques. They do that because every business has problems all the time and the secrets you learn will put you in front of decision makers who can offer you a job to help solve those problems. Creating a job and hiring someone with the capabilities to solve a problem is one way for executives and managers to deal with that problem.