Keys to improve performance in college

Keys to improve performance in college
Achieving good performance in college, often depends on how the student studies rather than studying. Learn to use the time you have to study is a good ally to have good results. These 7 tips will help improve our performance in studies.

1. Identify the best method of study :

to select which method is most effective for each individual study, is extremely useful to find out what type of memory used. Some people have visual memory, and then the drawings and diagrams are the most effective options in their study; Moreover, others are more auditory, and then read texts aloud and discuss with others can achieve better results.

2. Make a plan of study:

studying only the day before the exam is not something that is highly recommended. The ideal is to create a curriculum where they can plan what is the matter being studied, what day and for how long. For example, if the next day you have kind of psychology, English and mathematics, then book three hours to study these subjects. Remember it is not good to study more than five hours per day, because to do so is no longer productive.

3. Time management:

planning the time devoted to the study will allow to organize what is to be studied and also manage the time required for each subject. Therefore it is recommended to devote more time to study subjects in which they have more difficulties; find other ways to address this matter can also help.
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4. Pausing:

studying for hours is not something productive. While changing material or content, try to make small pauses maximum 10 minutes to not to disperse.

5. Summarizing:

it is very useful to summarize the material studied because it improves the capacity of synthesis and understanding of the subjects. The summary of the matter is a great ally for the time of testing, and you will not need to reread the content as only you can simply check the summaries.

6. Environment Study:

the study environment is very important. Studying in a place calm and quiet concentration increases.

7. Read:

read books increases overall culture, improves writing and speaking.