Keys to overcome a telephone interview job successfully

In these circumstances, many companies opt for performing a first filtering through a telephone interview job.

An interview via telephone implies some changes to the face, some for good, others for evil. The expert gives a few tips to try to make the most of the situation.

1. quiet

Many people are afraid to admit when they call for a telephone interview that then they are unable to speak because they do not have the time or are in the right place, if not return to call them. However, these interviews must perform them, whenever possible, from a quiet, such as from housing, to avoid noise disturbance.

2. CV present

As in the case of face interviews, it is essential to be prepared. Therefore, it is helpful to have the CV, to develop therefrom based on the achievements and skills including speech.

3. Listen and ask

By phone details are easier to forget. Therefore we must be very attentive to questions from the coach, take all necessary notes, and not be afraid to consult doubts.

4. Tone of voice

A telephone conversation eliminates almost all factors that can be analysed by the coach: image, body position, non-verbal language, etc, reassuring many candidates, tending to suffer nervous breakdowns. The key here is the tone of voice, which must be adequate, safe and constant.

5. Follow

Tracking the call is a detail that many recruiters greatly appreciate. Send an email to coach and offering thanks for the call for questions arising reflects interest. In addition, you fight to get the recruiter meet in person, to demonstrate the skills and motivation to get a job.