List of the best bosses in the world

List of the best bosses in the world
During our career we will find countless types of bosses. There are those who simply give orders, which are involved in the team, which is responsible for tracking your work … all of them you learn. But surely you’ve wondered who are the best managers in the world? Well, to answer that question in careertracing we have started to work and We have made ​​the list of top world leaders.

Top leaders of the world

Mark Zuckerberg

It was hoped that the CEO of one of the most important companies in the world is also one of the best managers in the world. 99% of workers supports Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. Also, an important point on this issue has been the IPO of the company that has made much of the staff of Facebook employees are now millionaires. Those who have not decided to support Zuckerberg claim to not put the CEO as best boss in the world by being in a very tough environment where if you can not cope well responsibilities, you will not survive.

Bill McDermott

Many will not sound their name but if your company SAP. Software company also has some of the best managers in the world. His company, the same as that of Zuckerberg, has given a rating of 99% of employees who consider him a good boss because everything that happens in your company goes through your knowledge and let all your employees will contribute ideas to When creating new teams and formulas aimed at success.

Dominic Barton

Those you want to drive your career to the world of consulting, surely know McKinsey & Company. Dominic Barton is one of those top leaders of the world that their employees are delighted to be working. Also, for those who have expectations to follow forming, Mckinsey Master pays their employees because they believe it will be an added value for the company.

Larry Page

The search among search engines, Google, whose CEO Larry Page. The company has created the perfect CV seems to have one of the best managers in the world by example and created a crucial role within the company. Google workers can spend an entire day to think about things that could be created to improve the company. Thus were born successful project as Gmail, Google Drive or Google Maps.

Jeff Bezos

A company that is starting to talk is Amazon, which is becoming the main generator of audiovisual content in the world. Much of the blame lies with Jeff Bezos. Amazon CEO is creating an ecosystem in audiovisual and books and their employees are happy to work in the company. A boss who lets you express their ideas without fear of dismissal or think badly. Although the ideas are pilgrims, will always be well accepted.
We also recommend the following:

Tim Cook


Of course, the giant bite of the apple could not miss the list of top world leaders. The work that lay ahead Tim Cook was difficult because I had to replace the figure of Steve Jobs, a man who created a way of working and thinking about all those who created Apple was thought to be an extension of the human being itself. Apparently Tim Cook has taken the helm of the good ship and both Apple’s profits are being record as the attitude of the workers is still good.

Howard Schultz

The success of Starbucks is not in their good coffee, but being located in the right places. Howard Schultz is the man behind Starbucks and has created a world behind a coffee machine. Starbucks is not just a place to go for coffee, but a meeting place, a place of pleasure and designed to meet the needs of today’s society.