Lists of high-paying jobs that do not require a title

high-paying jobs
high-paying jobs

Lists of high-paying jobs that do not require a title
Although there is certainly a correlation between a college degree and a high income, college is not the only path to wealth. There are well paid people with numerous works less education at a four-year degree can get, or even without any higher education. What’s more, people entering these careers can begin receiving profit professional years before his contemporaries who are still looking to get more titles.


A career in sales may not require a college degree and even a high school diploma. A sales professional needs to have excellent communication skills, an engaging personality, empathy and large amounts of self-control. There are positions that receive hourly wages or based on bonds, but the real money is in sales commission. The seller by average commission earned US $ 73,000 for 2009, according to the website Simple Hired. Many salespeople on commission can have six- figure income regularly.

Web Designer

Although many companies that hire web designers prefer that they have a title, there is still room in the market for freelancers whose resume consists more experience than education. The key to make profitable as web designer is developing a portfolio of assets websites so that potential customers can watch and be impressed with him. In most cases you will be doing odd jobs web sites for new customers every few weeks or months. The average salary for this work was US $ 59,000 in 2009, according to Simply Hired.

Service Provider

The train to become an electrician, plumber or technician repairing air conditioning typically requires one to four years after finishing high school. However, in most cases, you will pay as assistant during your training period. Once finished, a provider can receive more than $ 20 an hour in most cases, if you work for an employer. Working on your own, one of these professionals can earn six-figure sums annually.


The easiest way to overcome employer prejudice against people with little formal education is hiring you to your self. Owning your own business can meaning you millions of dollars a year. On the other hand, you can lose the same amount of money overnight. The key to being an entrepreneur is to develop a product idea first, then chances and leave your work. If you’re smart, good and have some luck, you’ll make a lot of money for yourself.

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