Look For a Job – Or Not?

You’re frustrated because it’s hard to look for a job-the right job that is.

Does this sound like you?

You search all the online job boards for hours on end only to find yourself lost and confused because you don’t seem to fit into any of the job descriptions. Sure you’re more than capable of doing at least some of them, but you have absolutely no desire to, and you’re beginning to give up hope that there is some perfect job out there in the world for you.

I remember not too long ago I felt the same way. I had transitioned industries from finance to tech start-ups and I was trying to look for a job on those awful job board sites. The ones that have job titles and descriptions that make you feel like you’re crazy because you don’t fit into a nice neat box. While I researched for weeks on end nothing seemed to resonate with me. After reading all of those job descriptions I thought “Is it just me?,” “Why can’t I be excited or a good fit for any of these?” My spirit was really deflated.

I thought how do I look for a job on this job boards when I don’t want to do any of these boring roles. Now what?

And then something miraculous happened.

I got a sign from the universe in the form of an invitation for an event called “She Creates Something from Nothing” that appeared in my inbox. Something deep inside me knew I had to go. And it was at this event that I met like-minded women who were all searching for something more than a job like me. We were searching for our passion… our calling.

Look For A Job or Look For Your Passion…

Maybe you can’t find the right job because the job you really want doesn’t actually exist. And maybe it’s time to start focusing on your passions rather than look for a job that doesn’t fit you.

When you look for a job on some job board you won’t find a description that asks you to bring your unique brilliance and talents that only you possess to the table. We were all born with our own set of unique gifts and passions that only we possess and we are happiest when we get to express them in the work that we do.

Look for a Job or Create Your Own…

So what do you do if you look for a job and can’t seem to find one that jumps out at you?

Well, if you’re anything like me and the hundreds of people I know you go out and you create your own.

For years, I thought I could only contribute to the world in a meaningful way by working for a company that was doing good. But the more I looked at the actual job descriptions for these companies the more I realized they didn’t fit me. And finally I realized it was time for me to take control and create my own career instead of looking for a job.

In this economy where no job is stable anymore, more and more people are charting their own career path based on their unique gifts and passions. They figure if no job is secure they might as well do what they love and that contributes their inner brilliance to the world. These people are starting natural skin care lines, creating an app that helps track people’s health issues, opening their own local and sustainable restaurants, launching a children’s media company educating children on eating their veggies and starting online businesses that help people create a life and business they love. And these are just a few examples.

So what will you do? Continue to look for a job… or create your own. The choice is yours.

I help women in the corporate world do work they love and live the life they were truly meant to love.


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