Losing weight with treadmill | Physical Fitness Tips

The treadmill is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and machines lose weight for good in the gym .

However, we must not fall into the trap of being carried away by the fact that longer or more intensity equals more weight lost. It is appropriate that we structure our training in a balanced way to avoid injury and achieve greater effectiveness.

Some tips for using the treadmill at the gym are:

Always begins with a brief warming (walk) from about 5 minutes.
Gradually increase the incline. A steeper, higher intensity exercise and, therefore, the greater the number of calories burned.
Increase the speed gradually, without going over. It is preferable to keep a steady pace, you gain much speed and have to stop soon.
Supplementing the diet with exercise. Useless to do much exercise to lose weight if after a healthy and balanced diet is not carried.