Major mistakes when making your resume


Major mistakes when making your resume

Exist some typical mistakes we make when making a resume , and we can easily avoid if we have prior knowledge of them.

Major mistakes to avoid while performing a resume:

Personal information : verify that there are no errors in your name, address, email or phone number.
Misspellings : detail check the spelling of your resume, because this is an unacceptable lack for selection. Use the spell checker in Word.
Font (font) : keep the same font throughout your resume.
Margins : observe spaces margins and spacing in each paragraph. Keep homogeneity in your document.

Check that your CV is printable : many times when printing a curriculum colors come out different than expected, the letter changes. Imagine your recruiter to print your resume and out all these errors.

Clarity of your resume : Put yourself in the position of the reader. The recruiter must read dozens of CVs daily, so the more clear, concise and summarized his resume is much better.

Avoid redundant information : no repeat several times the same information in your resume. If you must repeat some information, find the way to say it in other words.

Pay attention to the layout and design of your resume . The design is another means of differentiation, good design or presentation will value the content of your resume .

Never talk salary in your CV .

Mention the level of management programs and languages ​​: Specify whether your level of language or management of a program is basic, intermediate or advanced; this is important for a recruiter.