Make Money With Facebook Is Not Easy But Possible

This article will be dealing with the ways how people can earn money online with Facebook. I share with you what I know about earning online.

As you read in the title it is not easy to earn money online on Facebook but it is possible.

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, you should never forget that.

Nobody is on Facebook to buy but many are there to sell.

You can use Facebook to earn money and market your own goods and services.

Often I read ads like:

“Earn Money Easy and quick way to earn money on Facebook…”, Of course you can make money on Facebook! The market is absolutely huge. I make money on Facebook every day by following the techniques I learned.

But there is nothing like: “Make money with Facebook, just by following step by step Guide to Advertising On Facebook. More than $12000 a month on Auto Pilot.” or “A Unique, Honest Guide By a Real College Student, That Shows You How to Make Money With Facebook.” or “Here are 12 100% free to use applications that allow you to easily make money on Facebook.”

How often have I read things like “Click Here To Make Money With Facebook!”

There is no click and lean back turnkey pull money out of Facebook system. But as Facebook is most well-known and widely used social networking site across globe. Facebook revenues reached $500 million in 2009, up from $300 million in 2008.

While Facebook has recently surpassed 300-million members, marketers are just starting to embrace the social network as a source of new customers.

On Facebook everything that counts are real relationships. It was never easier to talk directly to possible customers all over the globe and hear what problems they have that you can solve.

It is all about hearing what people need and give them exactly that and more than they expect.

Earning money on Facebook is more a traditional business than most of the online marketer think. It is the basic model of economy. No hype ads really reach the customers here. No empty promises can be made because next day the whole community is finishing your business efforts and kick you out of competition forever.

So my advice is to make real friends on Facebook.facebook earning

Find out what they really need and support them with the solution.

And then let your Facebook friends recommend your awesome products and services.

At this point advertising becomes free for you and you will start to make a really huge amount of money online on Facebook.

By Volker Schaefer