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McDonalds Latest Job Opportunities

McDonalds Latest Job Opportunities

McDonalds is the world largest fast food chain having 35000 outlets in 119 countries, headquarter in Unites States , It started in 1940 as a normal restaurant . In 1948, it start working as hamburger food restaurant . Now it become the greatest ever food chain in the world and serving 68 million customers daily world wide in 119 countries . It sell mainly hamburger , Chicken burger , Beef burger , cheese burger , fried Chicken , French fries , Breakfasts , Drinks and deserts . The company had $36 billion assets and net revenue $5 billion in 2013 . It have most numbers of employees in the world . McDonalds offer jobs opportunities on daily Mcdonals Imagebasis in all countries in different departments .
McDonalds offers variety of job opportunities including areas Administrative, Internships, Finance & Accounting, Marketing / Publicity / Advertising, Sales, Sales Planning.

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McDonalds Benefits

McDonalds provides employees with competitive pay and comprehensive benefits program that will allow you to develop professionally and reach long-term goals of the race. The balance of Work / Life is encouraged at McDonalds and the company offers several programs like “live like work” that offers advice, referrals and resources on parenting, career planning, family care and leaves of operation (planning) education. Other benefits include flexible work arrangements with supervisor approval, adoption assistance and dependent care spending accounts. McDonalds also provides other pay and competitive advantages.