If you are not particularly fish lover, you can take a supplement of “oil flax seed” (flax seed oil) or ground flax seeds and add both 2 tablespoons per day for drinks, salads and other dishes Vitamins L-cysteine, PARA, biotin and luminosity and the minerals iron and zinc, needed for healthy hair growth. A common cause of hair loss in women of reproductive age, anemia is iron deficiency, usually for heavy menstrual bleeding, childbirth or a diet deficient in iron. Add to your diet foods rich in iron such as whole grains, green leafy vegetables, eggs, dates and raisins. Do not forget vitamin C increases iron absorption (add citrus fruits). Vitamin E is also important for healthy hair, is found in avocados, seeds, olive oil and peanut For people with dandruff or hairy skin very oily, it is recommended to decrease foods high in sugar and animal fat because they may increase the production of sebum. For vegetarians may occur Propecia protein deficiency in the diet. Without aa doubt a diet that favors hair is a balanced diet, not too fat, not too sugary, not too refined, giving preference to minerals and vitamins and facilitate digestion and assimilation A diet to maintain strong, healthy hair should contain: · Comprehensive Pan · Whole grains (brown rice or semi-integral). · Yeast · Yogurt · Oils first pressure · Eggs (3 or 4 per week) · Red fruits. Cherries in the summer; oranges and mandarins in winter. Apples. Fruits secos. Muesli.Muesli. · Lean Fish · Vegetables (especially carrots) Protein intake is one of the key elements for a healthy and strong hair. Vitamin A.Sin her skin becomes dry and brittle. Dosage should be monitored as over dosage may cause inflammatory level hair roots reactions. There can be only overdose of Vit. A with the synthetic vitamins (drugs) .Fuentes: Carrots, parsley, almonds, whole grains, spinach, berries, red meat, fish, milk, butter, egg yolk. B.Son major Vitamins for hair. Among these are better known activity B5 or pantheistic acid, which promotes the regrowth, in some cases. It is often based hair lotions. The pantothenic acid is found in egg yolk, liver, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, milk, yogurt and yeast. The requirements of adult man is estimated between 0.05 and 0.5 grams daily. The B vitamins disorders only cause for failure. A proper functioning of our liver is essential for assimilation. The raw egg can play the role of a B8 (Biotin) anti vitamin, deficiency can cause seborrhea. Therefore it is advisable to consume boiled eggs (usually 3 minutes of cooking enough). Vitamin F.Los fatty acids can be found in the oils are called Vitamins C and linoleic acid (unsaturated fatty acids). Oil first cold pressed, walnut, sunflower, olive and soybean. A poor vitamin C regime may cause a thickening of the stratum corneum, a partial atrophy of the sebaceous glands and bulbs. Eat some raw vegetables every day, seasoned with olive oil, enough to fill this need. Vitamin K.Posee bactericidal power on the microbial flora of the scalp. Sources: Cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, soybean oil, celery branches, chicory, lettuce, parsley. Also here, intestine play an important role in the uptake and processing. Mineral salts: The majority of the mineral salts useful for the hair are found in wheat germ. Simply consume at the rate of two teaspoons of coffee bureaucratization. Gargantuan good quality hair. Sources:. Spinach, cereals, wholemeal bread, leeks, nuts Zinc.La activity of zinc is involved in anything mnenos 90 enzymes in our body and our daily needs are estimated em 15 mg / day. Due to a combination of factors such as a diet rich in fiber, infections, pregnancy, lactation, etc., can be specified mineral dietary supplements. Sources:. Whole wheat bread, oatmeal and corn flour and wheat germ, freshwater fish, oysters, milk, egg Azure.La concentration of sulfur in the hair reaches up to 4%. This element ensures the cohesion of the keratin fibers and increases the resistance of the hair. Different hair care products can cause a loss of this mineral in the body (certain liquids and creams for permanent, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide). Sources: egg, almonds, watercress, milk, mustard, horseradish, garlic.  to give vitality to the hair fibers. Sources: Bananas, whole wheat, wheat germ, nuts, dates, cherries, spinach, raspberries, pears ,, cheese, leeks, raisins.