Oasis Petroleum Jobs USA

Oasis Petroleum Jobs USA

OASIS is the head administrator in both the Williston Bowl and Delaware Bowl, having both pined for resources and innovative individuals that drive the accomplishment of the Organization. We are on the cutting edge of innovation arrangement, operational efficiencies, and foundation advancement. Our benefits are exceedingly thought and are forthcoming for various potential skylines. As we build up our positions, we hope to increment long haul investor esteem while keeping up a moderate monetary record. We have a long history of getting and abusing oil and gas resources, which has been portrayed by capital control combined with differential perspectives available. While we have an incredible reputation of conveying development underway and saves, we don’t buy in to the possibility of development at any expense. We will likely expand investor esteem by structure stores, creation and money streams at an alluring profit for contributed capital.

A Creative Organization

Desert garden was established in 2007 by Tommy Nusz and Taylor Reid. What started as a start-up with a little group of skilled business visionaries and no benefits is currently a chief common assets organization with more than 700 experts.

Desert garden obtains and creates offbeat oil and gaseous petrol assets, generally in North Dakota and Montana, however now in West Texas also. Desert garden is the greater part proprietor of Desert garden Midstream Accomplices framed to give an accumulation of administrations including finishing, gas assembling and handling, saltwater get-together and transfer administrations, new water administrations, and raw petroleum assembling and transport administrations, among others.

Desert spring intends to stay in front of relentlessly rising administrative gas-catch orders and increment edges by commercializing caught gas. Desert garden catches generally 10% a larger number of gas than the normal for administrators in North Dakota


Oasis Oil offers assortment of openings for work including zones Authoritative, Temporary jobs, Fund and Bookkeeping, Promoting/Exposure/Publicizing, Deals, Deals Arranging. Regardless of whether you’re proficient in Regulatory, Bookkeeping and Account, Building, HR, Data Innovation/Administrations, Advertising and Exchanging and some other zones, there is a lifelong open doors for you at Desert spring Oil. Desert spring Oil is searching for exceedingly qualified and experienced specialists who like difficulties and openings. Desert garden Oil offers likewise open doors for ongoing alumni.

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