Office: How to hide what you’re seeing on the monitor

On more than one occasion we probably will have found trying to find some kind of solution to
what we are doing on the computer will not be seen by anyone passing by behind us. This situation is very common in the workplace, in where possibly share space with more people, and
we know that they are all potential eavesdroppers who will do their utmost to achieve know what
we are doing. Fortunately, there are a few tools and tips that allow us to hide what we do in
the eyes of others, but none as original as AntiSnooper , since its operation is based on the
blurring of what is happening on the screen at the time and place of the monitor on which so
desire. If you want to know more about this excellent program, we invite you to continue
reading. AntiSnooper is a piece of really interesting software, which is able to diffuse what
is displayed on the screen in real time, which gives us an excellent way to maintain our
privacy, it is clear that their use will arouse suspicions of all types, but their use will be
sure that nobody can see what we are doing. Completely free, AntiSnooper is ideal for those
shared spaces and full of people who are always willing to look where you should not solution.
How it works Anti Snooper

No sooner downloaded and installed the program, what we can do by clicking on this link, run
it, which will show the window where add and configure the applications you want to blur, and
the values ??that should be done. In this point, we have available two ways to select the
applications to the program will blur: “Manual Selection Window” and “Mouse Selection Window” .
In the first option, all applications that are running at the time, and stumping, are shown
only need to click on the “+” green icon located to the right of the name. Without doubt the
most comfortable and safe to use option. In the case of “Mouse Selection Window” option gives
us the possibility to select the windows that are open on the desktop. In this sense, the
procedure is simple because all you have to do is drag the magnifying glass icon to the window
you want to blur, select the type of blur we want and push the button “Ok”. Hide vision
applications that we are using in practice The use of AntiSnooper is really easy, since all you
have to do to have the program do its magic and blend the desired window is to remove the
cursor over it, and to make them to see normally, place the pointer back over the application
window. However, the functions of AntiSnooper not end here, as it gives us a lot of tools to
determine how the windows will be blurred. To do this simply click on the pencil icon to access
the settings for that particular window. We will find options to change the type of dithering,
duration, and many other settings . Note that we also have available the ability to run a
screen saver in the application window you wish to return it to press the pencil icon and
select the option “Windows Screensaver” and chose the screensaver that best fits our
requirements. Conclusion AntiSnooper is a program that can provide us with many advantages in
scenarios where our privacy is a factor. Complies perfectly with what it promises, at least in
most of the applications that have been tested. However, we must clarify that in cases like
LibreOffice or Google Chrome browser performance is weak, but do not know if this happens for a
matter strictly related to the hardware that has been tested or failures related to the
applications themselves. If you liked this page, you can share …

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