Oily skin: what natural assets for the cure

Women with oily skin will not take the same care as those with dry skin. What characterizes oily skin, what do they need and how natural pampering? A specialist in organic cosmetics said all of us.

Oily skin: what defines

The oily lead us a hard time. Prone to imperfections, shiny, it is not easy to manage without a proper beauty routine. Why this mess? It is explained by an overproduction of sebum in the pilosebaceous follicle. The thickening of the stratum corneum causes the accumulation of dead skin cells that can clog the pore forming a horny plug which eventually oxidize and turn black. This is the famous black dot!

To get rid of many of us attempt to remove it, which exacerbates the problem. By thus manipulating the black dot is contaminated and this leads to inflammation. As a result, our cheeks, our chest and our backs are adorned punctually buttons which swell and redden. Not very happy …

Its needs

The solution to this nightmare epidermal boils down to a strict schedule: clean the skin without irritating it. The goal is to improve skin texture while fighting against bacterial infection and calming any inflammation.

Natural assets suitable

– It affects sebum production by focusing on natural organic skin care and / or beauty recipes containing extract of nasturtium (purifying), witch hazel (astringent and disinfectant), licorice (anti-inflammatory).

– It prevents infections with antibacterial assets such as olive leaf, rosemary extract, propolis, thyme.

– It strangles inflammation with antioxidants (which will oxidize microbes) with extract of immortal blue, juniper, black currant, blueberry or comfrey.

A homemade recipe for oily skin

This facial sauna house that will open the pores and cleanse gently is carried out.

-2 liters of spring water
-1 teaspoon of vegetable oil of your choice (camellia, macadamia and jojoba for example)
-a handful of dried witch hazel leaves Instructions In a saucepan, pour the spring water that is boiled. Spoon vegetable oil is deposited coffee in water before adding the witch hazel leaves. cleansed face over the steam is up and his head is covered with a towel as for inhalation . After 10 minutes, cleans his face with a cotton ball soaked in lavender floral water before drying.