Online Accounting and IT Jobs: Where to Look

With the electronic age upon us, the economy in recession, and gas prices being higher than they have ever been, many professionals in various fields are seeking online employment. This eliminates the need to travel to the place of employment daily and allows the professional to work from the comfort of their own home, set their own pace, and make their own hours. Two fields becoming ever more prominent in the online employment community are accounting and IT. Accounting jobs and IT jobs are very popular in the telecommuting world but the professionals in this area need to know where to begin their search for web based employment.

Accounting employment varies in type and availability but is not difficult to find if you know where to look. Financial accountants, tax accountants, junior accounts, and financial analysts should all begin with a basic search of popular online employment sites such as or even can produce hundreds if not thousands of jobs in the accounting field. There are also many online job listings in the employment section of many large accounting firms’ websites. Online accountants typically are issued a log in ID and password and simply download the employer’s software and begin working from home earning a comparable salary to those who commute to work every day.

IT Technicians (or information technology technicians) have a boundless array of online employment available to them as about 50% of the workforce in this field is telecommuters. A good place to begin the search for online Information Technology jobs are with schools that offer online classes (as most now do) or online schools such as the University of Phoenix, Devry University, ITT Technical college or the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online. Many of these schools offer IT specialists telecommuting opportunities as is more cost effective and they have a broader field to choose their professionals from. A search of the previously listed employment websites can also turn up a cast number of jobs in this field. Telecommuting professionals in this field are typically issued a User ID and password and log in remotely to their work site. Web based IT salaries are nearly and in some cases exactly the same as their commuting brethren.

When looking for accounting or Information Technology position online it is important for the professional to evaluate his dedication to his work as he will be self-motivated with no supervision most of the time. It is also important for professionals in these fields to know where to look and what websites offer legitimate employment opportunities. With the right skill set and a little research a professional in either field could easily enter the telecommuting workforce today.

By Faith Kaltenbach