Online Jobs – Make Money Online Without Any Investment

Online jobs are an effective way of making money online without any investment. By doing online jobs one can earn a decent part time income.

Companies all around the world need employees who can do their work, so they hire people and they pay them for the work they do. But there are many problems which company owners face. Like after gaining a little experience, people start to demand more pay or they just go to some other high paying company.

Nowadays many company owners are coming to online freelancing websites and they use these sites to post online jobs. After they post these online jobs like creation of 100 Gmail accounts in 5 days and budget of US$, job seekers like me, place bids on these online jobs (projects). One person offer to do that project for $100 other say, $95, may be other offer $90 and so on. Now it’s up to the creator of the project to choose a winner among all job seekers. The job provider may communicate with you while evaluating your bid and if he likes your bid then award the job to you. He may give you some advance or pay you after the completion of the job.

The reason for telling you the whole story is to prove that this system is %100 SCAM free. You will never have to pay any thing to anyone ever from your own pocket. The most amazing thing about freelance sites is that it’s totally free to join. I suggest that when you earn $30 (because this is the minimum amount which you can withdraw), you stop doing more work and first request a withdrawal. This means that you request the site to send you your money (via PayPal, eGold, bank account, etc). After you receive the money, you will no further worry about any SCAM. So then: Is there any SCAM involved here? Well there is not; right?

Before applying to the online jobs, one needs to first register with all these site first wherein on registration one will get User id and Password for applying for the jobs. It is advisable to maintain the same userID and password for all the online jobs sites so that there is no confusion. There are no registration charges involved nor jobs applying charges. It is completely free.

Once you register then you need to search for the online jobs on this site with which you are most proficient at. You can also look into relevant job categories like Data entry jobs, article writing jobs, PHP jobs, web designing jobs etc. You need to choose a job and Bid for the job.

Normally a thought comes into a person’s mind like if I do the above online jobs and the person does not pay me then what will I do? So, to overcome this risk, before taking up the jobs, you have to ask the job provider for payment via ESCROW. Considering the above example, the online jobs provider deposits the amount in ESCROW in that particular website then the payment does not belong neither to him nor you. On completion of the online jobs done by you, he will remit the payment from ESCROW to your Account. In case he does not so that then you can take up the matter with relevant sites where you have applied the job & they will investigate the matter and if you are honest, they will transfer the payment to you from ESCROW. In case they on through investigation find that you are not honest then they will remit the payment back to the Job provider. So, it is always advisable to ask for Escrow payment terms. This time of payment saves both the freelancer and Jobs provider from risks.

You can find all these collection of online jobs at [] The online jobs posted on this site are sourced from various legitimate work from home jobs sites. The online jobs are also grouped into categories like data entry Article Writing jobs, programming etc. So, a freelancer does not have to refer to all the legitimate job sites on the Internet for online jobs but can find the same on this site itself.

By Abinow Bhat