Only 30 minutes to get in shape this Christmas

Want to get in shape for Christmas? If you want new clothes for these festivities look your body, and when you go to do the ‘omen’ running around the house with his suitcase for travel during the year do not fatige, you must follow our workout routine to be shaped.
When it comes to losing weight, just 30 minutes of exercise for 24 hours in the day, they can help to achieve the goal. Half hour day works better than any diet.

Exercises to practice in 30 minutes

Whether you follow an exercise routine or you go changing exercise, ideally every day in December you take the time to practice physical exercises for half an hour to burn fat and cut calories .
Here are our suggestions for sports to stay fit this Christmas:


Cycling is the best exercise you can experience not only pedaling and burning calories, but also interact with the outside and get the effects for joy that brings the same speed. You just need a bike and ask for it if you have not borrowed from a friend.


This is one of the most beneficial sports for the body as it stimulates every part of the body. With swimming, losing the extra kilos is really relaxing.


Apart from that this is one of the most popular games in the world, no one can deny the benefits of playing football when it comes to weight loss. Sure it may be a short 30 minute play, we’ll see when you can meet regulatory 90 minutes. . Dare to play with your kids or nephews