Overcoming the Job Layoff: How to Get Back to Work

To get back to work after a job layoff, you likely need to pick yourself up off the ground, dust off the frustration and fear, and get back into the workforce. Finding a job as a laid off worker is not easy to do. You may want to hold out hope that your previous employer will call you back. Yet, that may not be realistic and it may not be something you can do and keep your home. What can you do to get a new job, then, when you are facing a job layoff?

Network with Everyone

The best route to overcoming the job layoff is to simply network. Job networking is the process of telling people that you are looking for a job. You are looking for a job, interested in new opportunities, and wanting to connect with new people. Job networking happens in a variety of ways. You can network with friends and family (don’t be afraid to tell people you are looking for a job!) It also means setting up professional networks like those at LinkedIn to help you to make professional connections. You can also apply job networking to your previous employers and co-workers.

Working with a Staffing Agency

Another route to take to overcome the job layoff is to work with a staffing agency. It may be a good time to sharpen your job skills and gain some additional work experience. You can do this easily with a staffing agency. By working in these positions, you will be far more likely to be in the place you need to be. You’ll get more opportunities and feel more comfortable getting back to work.

Build You

Work on rebuilding you, too. That means improving your job skills by taking a few courses. It may mean working hand-in-hand with a staffing agency professional to boost your work experience in one area or another. You may want to work on branching out in your area of experience, too.job layoff



Getting back to work after a job layoff is not always easy to do. You may find it very challenging and even difficult to find a position that you want to be in, especially if your previous job was one you liked. Aim for bigger things. What are your long-term career goals? Finding a job that can provide you with everything you need is possible, especially if you work at job networking to achieve those goals.


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