people who lost everything and returned with more force

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Walt Disney: people who lost everything and returned with more force

For the world have been people who have had a life, at times, very hard but eventually ended up achieving its objectives and be remembered by all.

Their lives may be an example to others who are going through difficult times because these examples show that we all have a second chance.

The firstaidforhealth brings us a list of people who lost everything, which sank in a well, but had enough strength to be reborn. And they did it with a vengeance.

Steve Jobs . Many people know her story, but should be in the list. Jobs co-founded Apple with only 21 years and at age 23 already had several million in his pocket. Jobs hired an experienced CEO, John Sculley, who fired him three years later.

“I did not see it then, but cast them from Apple was the best thing that could have happened,” Jobs said in 2005. After his dismissal, he started his second company, NeXT, which was eventually acquired by Apple and eventually lead, again, Jobs at the helm of the company.

Ulyssess S. Grant . Grant was the 18th US president and saved the Union during the Civil War. However, his life was full of ups and downs. He graduated from West Point, left the Army after being accused of drinking during a shift. I struggled for several years to support his family.

When war broke out, Grat rejoined the Army, first as a volunteer and later as colonel. Finally, he became general. Later he was elected president but went bankrupt and had to write his memoirs in his bed muete to support his family. Does the editor? Mark Twain …

Mark Twain . One of the greatest American writers, Twain made ??very bad business and failed investments. It went bankrupt in 1894, 20 years after he published his best known work, The Adventures of To Sawyer .

He moved with his family to Europe, based conference and a series of successful writings, gathered enough money to pay their debts. Unfortunately, misfortune turned-prime years later with him, he sank into a deep depression after falleciesen his wife and two daughters.

Walt Disney . He too is on this list. The first company of Walt Disney, an animation studio and film in Kansas City, went bankrupt in 1922.

Disney ran out of that city and went to California, where he would place his next adventure: Disney Bros. The studio did somewhat better, especially after creating a drawing that may have heard: Mickey Mouse in 1928.

George Foreman . Foreman, one of the greatest boxers in history, was an Olympic winner and two-time world heavyweight championship medalist.

However, like every star in the world of sport, I had to retire. It did not fall into bankruptcy but squandered a lot of money. However, it recovered much after lending his name to a brand of grills, George Foreman Grill, with which he has won 200 million dollars.