Predictions 2015: The Future of Business Communication

Communication, today, is directly related to technological advances. Therefore, it is much easier obsolescence. We must keep pace with technology to offer new products to market.

Forbes – Technology related to communication and increasing communication related businesses. Since you can not launch a new product to market without a good communication strategy. No matter how good the deal.

In 2015, we expect that companies are more adapted to technological change. If we realize the triumph of many products and companies during the past year, it is directly related to its communications strategy.

It’s time to innovate, to test new technologies, even invent what does not yet exist for better communication. It’s time to grow, not to see the limits. And with technological advances, growing at times, this is becoming easier. If we use it, of course.

Companies must begin to appreciate the instant messaging as a means of communication. Back and formalities were emails, without forgetting that we are in a work environment. Try to find a middle ground in language, adapting it to the immediacy and offer new technologies.

The lightweight solutions will add more value to the company. Since thus a faster pace is maintained. For this, the integrations must not be heavy, but easy to implement. The era of “integration consultants” is at an end.

The demand by buyers interfaces will become more simple and intuitive, suited to mobile solutions. We hope that specialists influence to invest in simplicity and not in Complicated tools. So also surely enjoy a more pleasant work, offering simple solutions.

The solutions will not always be offered from top to bottom. In the next year employees are also responsible for giving solutions. This will give them greater responsibility, and greater importance in the company.

It definitively separate the personal life of labor, also in the supply of technological communication. For example, emails are separated. One for personal emails and one for labor.

An internal social network company may become a reality. Based primarily in it as a place for messaging. An internal chat increasing socialization, and action-oriented.

The satisfaction and employee morale fall within the expected technological solutions for next year. It is expected that companies find solutions that allow employees to collaborate, share information or help others more easily and without much effort. In addition, these communications will strengthen morale and employee satisfaction, which may give and receive praise for a job well done.

Teleworking is no longer feel so distant. As you grow the number of employees working remotely over the next year, managers seek solutions for better communication between members of the company.