Professional Lessons films nominated for Oscar 2015

Professional Lessons films nominated for Oscar 2015
Popcorn, TV, sofa … no longer need anything for the Oscar Gala 2015. This year the nominees for the Oscars 2015 are based on characters that demonstrate leadership and creation. From jobandtalent lessons we show films nominated for Oscar 2015 we can apply to our professional life, will you be the next Alan Turing?

The Imitation Game

The film The Imitation Game has been one of the blockbusters during January. The codes deciphered by Alan Turing have supposed to be one of the films nominated for the Oscar 2015. Alan Turing can draw several lessons that apply in our professional life as having confidence in yourself and your work.

Constant work and talent are the basis of this film. Alan Turing was quite sure that your project might be able to crack the Enigma machine even though others did not believe him at first. Fight for your work and constant successes know because they work.

Achieving persistence is demonstrating Alan Turing. Do not despair because the good work and good ideas always lead to good results.

The theory of everything

Who does not know Stephen Hawking we recommend you start to discover who this genius. With a great representation of the cosmologist, the theory of everything shows the extent it may have self-improvement. When Kawking was diagnosed his illness, was not given more than 2.3 years of life: now exceeds 70.

Despite being unable to move a muscle, Stephen Hawking has created major theories about the universe and defend them in court with the best professors and intellectuals of the world. It has not only managed to do wonderful theories but it has done with effort and tenacity.

Never give up. No matter what the obstacle you have ahead because he that will, you can.


Lessons films nominated for Oscar 2015
Lessons films nominated for Oscar 2015

As we have seen, has been awarded the 2015 Academy Award for Best Picture. A film that has risked the madness of man who believes bird. The new Odyssey Alejandro González Iñárritu , portrays the frantic and exhausting inside Apocalypse of an old movie star haunted by the egomania. In fact, the film satirizes the miseries of show: a universe of creatures touched by the desire for recognition struggling not to lose touch with reality.

One of the lessons of films nominated for Oscar 2015 Birdman is the struggle with the ego and know that teamwork is an essential part of our daily lives and especially in our professional lives.

We also recommend the following:

Grand Hotel Budapest

The films nominated for the Oscar 2015 Budapest Grand carry a newly created component in the sequence of the film and some peculiarity in form. The life of a hotel manager who becomes the alma mater of the site. He demonstrates tenacity and effort to make the hotel the best in the area.

But also within the film itself we can extract important lessons for our lives. LOYALTY. This is one of the great values ​​in your professional life. We promise loyalty to both your peers and to your work.


It is the story of a boy who wants to be big in the world of music and thinks fight the devil if necessary to achieve this. And the devil is his teacher, his mentor, the best teacher of the school of music, able to see the potential of people and squeeze to make them more and more.

The desire to excel is one of the greatest lessons of films nominated for Oscar 2015 we can draw from Whiplash. The limits we put ourselves. Let us raise the limits to heaven.

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