Professional teeth whitening, Get a whiter smile in one session

Professional teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a method by which we can lighten the shade of your tooth enamel or restore the natural color that may have been lost for different reasons. Therefore able to reduce several shades whiter leaving, shiny and healthier looking teeth.
doctors offers you a simple treatment that will enhance the natural beauty of your smile. In most cases the results are spectacular and will respond to your expectations. Teeth whitening is one of the most sought after treatments today to enjoy an attractive smile and show no fear whiter, brighter teeth.

How is teeth whitening done?

In diffrent cities of world will make a clinical session, approximately 1 hour and a half, in which a gel is used in contact with the teeth whitening and lamp (Advanced Zoom system) that generates a light to activate the bleach product, obtaining immediate results the end of treatment.

How safe is tooth whitening?

It is a very safe procedure that simply involves the use of a peroxide-based gel and a special light to activate the whitening product.

Why do teeth whitening?

The gels used in the bleaching, chemically acting through its molecules containing oxygen penetrating the tooth dentin and can reduce various shades in the same color.

Does bleaching removes the enamel of the teeth?

Not at all. No professional whitening causes wear or abrasion on the teeth, nor weakens.

What kind of results can I expect?

Depending of the source color and the tone of the tooth, many patients achieve results that reach 3 or 4 whiter tones.
Although not in all cases are unable to reach the desired tooth whitening color. That’s why I always make a preliminary assessment and will inform you of treatment options, should not be useful for whitening your expectations.

Does teeth whitening permanent?

No, the results of this treatment are not forever. Teeth whitening can yield incredible results. However, keep in mind that a daily oral hygiene is an essential part of maintaining the results of bleaching.
The consumption of snuff, foods that can cause stains (coffee, tea, red wine, etc.), certain drugs or even some mouthwashes can stain your teeth after whitening. If this happens, occasional touch a tooth whitening product for home use should keep your teeth with the same good looks after having professional teeth whitening procedure.

Is it painful tooth whitening?

No. However, some patients may notice a sensitivity after the procedure has been performed.

What I can do to reduce tooth sensitivity after whitening?

Sometimes you need to start using pastes and mouthwashes to treat sensitive teeth whitening 2 weeks before and continue using them for a while after the end of treatment to reduce or eliminate these potential annoyances.

Is there an age limit to whiten teeth?

Avoid performing whitening in patients younger than 15 years.