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Psychologist VS Psychiatrist Income

A lot of people are unaware of the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Many will also be unaware of the salary of psychologist vs. psychiatrist is very different. When reviewing the big difference in psychologist vs. psychiatrist income, we need to ask ourselves what the two professions actually do. These are two different fields and the education and the way they practice has a very distinctly different path from one another. The psychologist vs. psychiatrist income is also markedly different.

Let us look at what a psychologist does; it is basically a science that studies the way a person behaves. The science also looks at brain functions that cause a person to behave in the mental manner they do. Its aim is to study the science behind the workings of the human psyche. A salary of a psychologist vs. psychiatrist will always take into account these factors. They do have qualifications that allow them to carry out mental assessment testing. They are permitted to decide if someone is sane or not and whether somebody is unfit and should be sectioned. The only treatment they provide is psychotherapy and helping somebody who may be mentally ill with advice and assessment procedures.

These factors are also taken into account when looking at the psychologist vs. psychiatrist income. A psychiatrist looks at the medical focus of a patient. During training and education to become a psychiatrist, a student would medical university for a term of four years before they reach a degree where they will go on to practice psychiatry. The difference in earnings when comparing psychologist vs. psychiatrist salary is very much dependent on which health authority or practice you decide to become employed to.



In psychology some may have specialist fields of training, these psychologists would earn more than those without the training and education of specialized behaviours. However, based on specialization a psychologist can make somewhere between US $55,000 – US $100,000 annually. A psychiatrist salary will easily exceed that those figures, which is down to the difference in the way they treat people with mental health problems. Generally they can start at around $60,000 and some will receive up to $105,000 annually. There are some psychiatrists who can command double those figures will prolong experience and extra qualifications.

Therefore the psychologist vs. psychiatrist income would appear to favour those of the psychiatrist who can also command higher rates for consultancy fees.

By John R Banks

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