QAFCO-Qatar Fertiliser Company Job Vacancies-Qatar

QAFCO-Qatar Fertiliser Company Job Vacancies-Qatar

Established in 1969 as a joint endeavor between the Administration of Qatar and various unfamiliar investors, QAFCO has developed consistently in the course of recent decades as an a-list compost maker. The nation’s first huge scope adventure in the petrochemical division, QAFCO was set up to expand the economy and use the country’s huge gas hold. QAFCO is at present possessed 75% by Enterprises Qatar (level of intelligence) and 25% by Yara Netherland.

With 6 elite plants creating a sizable yearly limit of 3.8 million MT of alkali and 5.6 million MT of urea, QAFCO stands gladly as the world’s biggest single-site exporter of urea with up to 14% portion of the world flexibly. QAFCO is emphatically dedicated to working its benefits securely, proficiently and in an ecologically dependable way to deliver great Smelling salts and Urea.

Proceeding with its responsibility to greatness, QAFCO intends to be the biggest maker of urea on the planet by 2030, driving towards a greener earth.

QAFCO began creation from its first plant (QAFCO 1) in 1973.

We will work the plants Effectively, Securely, and in an Ecologically Dependable way.

Qatar Compost Organization’s (QAFCO) HR Office is forcefully seeking after to be the main part in association with the Line The executives in the association and inside the business segment in the territories of Preparing and Advancement, Staff Arranging, Faculty Organization and prosperity of its workers.

It is our undertaking to tap the maximum capacity of our kin by changing into an exhibition driven association that draws in the best ability, sustains the work constrain and adjust its methodologies to be in accordance with the authoritative vision and goals.